Monday, January 30, 2012

I’ve seen it too often and giggled with glee ashamedly. Even though we hold our heads high, strut as opposed to the dreadful norm of walk and swing our hips to and fro, ladies can’t hide that all too apparent expression of pain swelling from the balls of their high-heel burdened feet.

I know, I know, it’s terrible to find entertainment value amidst my fellow woman’s agony, especially coming from someone who has repeatedly walked home sans-shoes after a night out due to incredulous feet pain. There was even one occasion, when a friend began to cry in my driveway after getting out of the taxi, because she couldn’t bear to walk anymore. I laughed then too. I think we were both badly inebriated.

You may think I’m an insensitive nark for anti-fashion and pro jeans/runners for comfort when really, it’s simple logic (Others may regard heels as all together illogical). I am more reasonable as to where and when I don the temporary heightening contrapment. Going out to an event that requires dressing up: Yes. A 6-hour day of lectures and tutorials: No. (There’s always those select few on any given Uni campus. Yes this is a subtle hint to you.)

Roll your eyes as you may, but this is a truth you can’t simply strut away from. Others can see for themselves when a girl is practically dragging herself across the floor, when she can no longer handle the walk, because of some ‘stupid shoes’ –as several of my male friends have put it.

Rolling ankles don’t make for attraction.

So, to the ladies who simply cannot do without, atleast attempt to minimise the back pain that is sure to greet you down the track. Invest in a pair of flat shoes. Or some crocs. Just kidding, Crocs are atrocious…

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