Thursday, February 17, 2011

St Kilda Festival

Admittingly I didn't find myself staying very long, as my friend and I found ourselves merely irritated and in search for better things. I guess it was sort of our fault for not trusting our past experience, but going anyway 'just for the sake of it'. We'd planned on seeing only two bands that day, one being Hungry Kids of Hungary and the other being Muscles. Both my friend and myself had previously seen Hungry Kids of Hungary at a smaller festival held in Moonee Ponds. We were slightly disappointed that for the second time, Hungry Kids failed to give any sort of energy. I mean, it probably isn't even of their doing, and perhaps it may've just been unfortunate that the both times I've seen them has been in broad daylight and in an open venue, but there's something very constricted about their performances. They're nice enough, conversing and just being generally friendly to the crowd so I'll just put it down to playing in the wrong 'venue'. Being stuck behind a big group of kids who found it extremely entertaining to crowd surf didn't help either, although us seething fellow crowd members got our revenge by dropping the bastards onto the floor. Deciding to head back into the city, we didn't end up staying around for Muscles' set.

Photos: Alean Penaflor

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