Saturday, September 11, 2010

Angus and Julia Stone - Palais Theatre Melbourne, 10th of September 2010

Last night I was fortunate enough to be given a ticket to see the musical siblings for their Palais show. The support acts were Jane Wallace and Luluc, both of whom were quite good (I particulary liked Luluc). The problem with this style of music - live- is that you tend to drift off into oblivion along with the soothing strums of chords, with the odd whimper of voice here and there.

How were Angus and Julia going to keep the audience awake? (apart from the fact that a great deal of the crowd were teenage girls just wanting a piece of Angus for themselves). Despite the whimsical nature of their music, the brother/sister duo managed to not only entertain but interact with the audience quite well. I was particularly impressed with how they orchestrated the beginning of their act. The two simply walked out from behind the curtain and began to play Santa Monica Dream(which I had been looking forward to). Of course my friend and I were both wondering where the rest of the band were, as the drum kit was nowhere to be seen.
Low and behold, the curtain is raised and there is the rest of the band, flashing lights, a real tree draped with fairylights, a lamp post and a background of twinkling stars. Just casually.

Between songs the duo would converse and more so than often respond to random screams emitting from the audience, mostly declarations of love for Angus and marriage proposals.

Angus responded 'I think it's a bit early' (in regards to a girls hysterical outburst of 'marry me!'

'When did you want to have it?' he added, with the girl enthusiastically responding December.

He then responded of how that was a nice time, then said something I didn't quite catch, which was then made even more confusing when Julia added something about fish being nice.

When Angus found himself confronted with a passionate outcry for him to have some fangirl's 'babies', Julia in her adorably cute-self, laughed (or giggled? giggled seems more appropriate for her) said 'I dont think Angus can have children'. A second later she realised that her comment may've been miscontrued as she added 'he doesn't have the parts to hold a baby' then went off on a tangent about Arnold Schwarzeneger in some movie where he mustve had a baby as she concluded that it was 'really weird'.

As far as multi-instrumentalists go, Julia was the definite winner. Cradling a guitar, soloing on the trumpet, whipping out the good ol' piano accordion, harmonica and also gracing the audience with the piano.

With their encore comprising of three songs, it was finally time to say goodbye and close the curtain on their Melbourne shows.

Photos: Alean Penaflor

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